Q: How soon can I start?

A: It depends on our ongoing availability. The sooner you signup, the sooner we can get you started.

Q: How is the scheduling done?

A: The Teen BTW, Adult BTW, and Driving Lessons schedule is setup directly with the instructor. We will always email you a confirmation of a signup through our website. BTW sessions are mostly booked to start on Mondays. Driving Lessons for Saturdays.

Q: How do I pay for the course?

A: We accept Cash (with receipt), Check, or Credit Cards (via Invoice + 5% fee). Payment is due on 1st session.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you start your course with an instructor and do not keep in contact with them for 30+ days... then we will cancel the course without any refund. Advise your instructor if you wish to take a long break during your course.

Q: Can I start Teen BTW before 9 months?

A: Yes! As long as the teen has completed their 45hrs (30hrs day + 15hrs night) of driving. A student turning 18yrs old before 9 months will be eligible for Adult License Waiver course.

Q: Is the pick-up and drop-off flexible?

A: Yes! Depends on your instructor’s schedule. Please confirm with them directly.

Q: How long does it take to complete a course?

A: Classes do not have to be consecutive. We try to finish ASAP within 1-2 weeks.

Q: What are the prices for Teen BTW or Driving Lessons?

A: Please find the prices on BTW and Driving Lessons page.

Q: Does the instructor have brake controls on their side?

A: Yes! It is mandatory for all our training cars to be fitted with these controls on the instructor side.

Q: My insurance company is asking, what is my License number?

A: Your VA state issued Permit ID is also you License number.

Q: When can I start using my Temporary Driver’s License & can I drive solo?

A: You can start as soon as the eligibility date on your temporary license. Yes! you can drive solo without an observing parent after completing Teen BTW program.

Q: What do I need to after completion of Adult Waiver Behind the Wheel Course?

A: Please see the course completion section under Adult Waiver BTW Tab.

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